ANUERHYTHM is an amalgamation of individuals seeking one thing in life… BASS MUSIC!  Bass music is the foundation of ANUERHYTHM, it is the moat in which they swim.

ANUERHYTHM has been djing and producing since 2004. Starting out with hard house, break beats and drum and bass. ANUERHYTHM has an eclectic fortitude on all genres of electronic music. Inspired from artists like Gridlok, Andy C, Goldie, Mefjus, Critical Recordings, Noisia, Aaron Simpson and SImplify Recordings, Deekline, DJ Icey, Current Value, Beatslappaz, Plump Dj’s, Pendulum, High Contrast, Control Z, Robbie Rivera, Dirty South, D. Ramirez, Keith Mackenzie, General Midi, THC (Thursday Club Recordings) and Labels like RAM, Commercial Suicide, Good Looking Records, LowPhat, Nrk, Broke Breaks, Motus music, Distinctive, Regress, Finger lickin, CyberFunk and many more.


The ANUERHYTHM crew is everything to do with underground bass music.